Sunday, January 1, 2012

cravings suck

After giving in to EVERY single craving I had for the last 6-7 months or so - not giving into them is oh so hard! Right now I want something chewy - some warm fresh bread, a scone, a big doughy doughnut... something definately full of carbs and bread like. With not counting points the first 3 days this week - I KNOW I dont have any extra weekly points left and soemthing like that just doesnt fit into my daily points so it just isnt going to happen.

Kind of proud of me - normally I would tell myself ... "just dont weigh in this week and enjoy just that one LAST thing, you will lose the weight before the next weigh in". The problem is its never just one LAST thing - there is always just one more thing I want to eat and skipping that one weigh in turns into a month or two and a gain of a few pounds.

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  1. I just joined WW a week ago for the first time ever and am pretty excited! It's literally the last "diet" I've tried and am hoping it will be something that will work and help me maintain. So I'm excited to follow you along in your journey as well! I already lost 3.2lbs my first week :) And good job on beating your cravings!!!