Tuesday, January 3, 2012

hello out there...

Happy Tuesday everyone... one of my favorite things about this tuesday... kids go back to school! WOOHOO. Sorry but I was so ready and so was he!

Started this morning off with a healthy breakfast - my new favorite - old fashioned oats with some vanilla extract and a splenda topped with 1/2 a banana and fresh blackberries. Then it was off to weight watchers and woohoo down 1.6lbs! Im super excited about that seeing that the first 2-3 days were spent traveling for the holidays and living off of fudge, cookies and pie! But I got my shit back together for end of the week and it showed!

Dinner was one of my new favorites and I figured out how to lighten it up a bit so each slice is 5 points and still tasty, filling and a hit with the family. Not to mention very colorful! I take a refriderated pie dough. Fill it with 1/2 lb of ground turkey sausage, sauted onions, red pepper, fresh baby spinach and tons of mushrooms for filler. Then beat 3 whole eggs and 3 egg whites, a few drops of tabasco sauce and 2/3 cup skim milk. This is before I baked it.
Then bake until the egg is stiff and crust is brown. 1/8th of pie is 5 points. SO SO SO YUMMY!  I paired that with a fresh baby spinach salad with apple slices and 1/2 oz goat cheese.

Then I enjoyed the first part of biggest loser while on the treadmill getting my workout done. Still taking it easy and easing back into the running so ran 90 sec, walked 90 sec, ran 3min, walked 3 min and then repeated. It felt GREAT. I almost decided to repeat the entire workout for a total of 60 min instead of 30 but I reminded myself that Im still only 4 weeks post csection and I dont want to hurt myself so I did my 30 min and called it a day.

Todays food journal - I get 26 points/day
8am oatmeal with 1/2 banana and berries, coffe with unsweetened almond milk 5 points
11am 100cal bag popcorn, water  3 points
1230pm red pepper soup with speghetti squash, roasted brussel sprouts with goat cheese, water 4 points
530pm  egg pie, spinach salad and 1/2 slice of my sons toast, water 8 points

That leaves me 6 points for the day - its 9pm. I know we are supposed to use ALL of our daily points but not sure if thats going to happen today. I was planning on just some frozen grapes. Granted something chewy sounds much yummier but sometimes that leads to a night time binge and thats scary.

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