Sunday, January 15, 2012

felt like a gym imposter

Its amazing how different two days at the gym can be. Yesterday I left feeling on top of the world. Today I left that way but struggled throughout the workout. Today was a run day and its 27 degrees outside so that equals a treadmill day :) and decided to give the weights another attempt.  Gavin and I headed to the gym once hubby woke up and got his workout in so I could pass off the baby. All of my workout clothes are from when I was almost 20 lbs lighter than I am now. Needless to say they do NOT fit well. I felt like a stuffed sausage today.

Got there and got on the treadmill and for the first mile of my run all I could think of is
"everyone is staring at me thinking Im fat"
"Everyone is thinking how on earth is that fat chick running"
"everyone is thinking yup there is one of the new years resolution-ers"
"everyone is looking at the rolls on my belly and back"
those thoughts really ruin the workout experience. Then I looked around and realized that everyone was getting their workout on... and if they were thinking that well then screw them! The second part of my run after that went way better - still thought I looked like a sausage but I was a sausage that was rebuilding her running base. A sausage that belongs to that 1% of the population that has successfully ran a marathon!

After that I headed over to the free weights and while I didnt push myself that hard - was very proud of restarting weight training and it didnt feel like it was pulling on anything this time around. Next weight workout I will pick it up a bit. And OMG doing the core exercises... I have NO abdominal muscles right now. It was very very hard.

After having super swollen fingers this morning, I decided to back off salt today. I havent salted anything. But boy have I realized how much salt I was using based on how many times I went to grab the salt shaker. But I didnt miss it and some things - like my brussel sprouts really didnt need it. The salt in the goat cheese was plenty.

Panera is for dinner and with that calculated I still have 11 points for the day. Im on my way to a pampered chef/scentsy party. Im bringing my water and will not indulge - atleast not that much.

And fyi Im a bit worried about tuesdays weigh in.


  1. lol...I love salt but I swell up like a blow fish when I eat it. Great job...No one cares at the gym...not unless you sweat all over everything and don't wipe it off...then they care...or I care. lol. anywhoozle. Good job.