Monday, January 30, 2012

getting it over with...

Per my scale - I am up 3 lbs this week. Im not 100% sure how that happenned. I did go over my points but not THAT much. Hoping a tad bit is water weight from maybe increased sodium. And before I weighed myself, I had drank 3 cups of water so that definately added but still... 3 lbs.

It makes me not want to weigh in this week. But I have promised myself that I would weigh in weekly NO MATTER WHAT. Yes I will get "that look" from the ww chick. But regardless, not weighing in officially does not mean that the weight didnt increase. I cant ignore it.

Since Im going back to work this week, I need to move my weigh in day next week to Mondays. Today I have plans to leave the baby with the baby sitter and go to my dermatologist appt and then I need new scrubs, bras and work shoes. While Im out I might as well swing by to weigh in... uhhhhhh.

On a side note - I need some extra accountability to my eating and point allocation. While I am very proud of myself for no sodas and no fast food for over 30 days (woohoo), minimal processed food, and drastic improvement in veggies and fruit consumption... I still have had some not so good eating choices and over doing my points. So for the time being I will be posting my daily food journal... feel free to ignore it.

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