Sunday, January 29, 2012

This little light of mine...

This little light of mine, Im going to let it shine...
Cover it with a bush - NO - Im going to let it shine...

Yes thats not all the words in the two verses but you get the idea. I just rocked my 7 week old and sang her this song. While singing it to her the words hit home to me. I have an amazing light in me and instead I have tried to hide behind the bush (fat) and not shine.

My song unfortinatly didnt put her to sleep - she is a cranky mess tonight. Thinking its going to be a long night.

On a side note - why do we want crude to eat when the good for us stuff taste really good? I made the mistake tonight of getting on the scale and due to some water weight and some poor eating choices the number wasnt as good as it should have been. So I decided I wanted chinese food - where the hell does that come from??? Thank goodness that the only chinese place I love locally doesnt deliver and there was no way that with hubby at work, I would take two kids out to pick it up. So instead I made a big salad with fresh spinach and a spring mix topped with 1/2 cup left over brown rice mix (brown rice, mushrooms, green beans, spouts, onion), 3 oz grilled chicken, peppers, onions and salsa for dressing. 5 points and VERY VERY filling, enjoyable and yummy. I didnt need chinese... I cant wait until I get to the point where what I crave is the healthy option. Its not like its not flavorable or not filling. Its so good so why cant I crave that?


  1. You salad does sound delic! I can't believe baby Bree is 7 weeks old already. Happy Almost birthday. I miss you guys- I so wish we lived closer. Hugs!

  2. and Im sitting here hoping it was NOT a long night.
    I know those well :)