Wednesday, January 4, 2012

will I still be here?

So the last 5 days I have ROCKED it. I have stayed within my points, got my daily activity in, drank a ton of water. I havent had anything processed in 5 days without even trying and no sodas either! I also came back on here.

On a local group I belong to I posted how great I was doing and someone asked  if that meant they should recheck out my blog. That got me thinking. When things went down hill and I started putting the weight back on before the baby I quit coming on here. Quit posting anything because anything I would want to say was pretty negative. So I just quit. And now that Im doing well again its evident by my daily or sometimes twice daily post. Im eager to share my "goodness" with everyone.

I am realistic. I know I cant be perfect in my eating all the time. I know there will be days where I am super cranky and craving something bad. I know that my nights of binging here and there are not miraculously removed from my brain and can happen again at any time. I know I may hit a plateau or gain in a weigh in.

Before when that happenned I quit - I have always had the mantra "all or nothing" and when I give something my all I really throw myself into things but eventually the nothing wins. I cannot have that mind set this time. Its not all or nothing - its one day, one meal at a time and as the biggest loser said last night - no excuses. If I dont do well one day I need to face it, acknowledge it and move on.

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  1. You will rock it out! You always do! you did amazing pre-pregnancy and I know you will go right back to your awesome self! you have the determination and will power to make it happen! you will still be here!