Wednesday, January 4, 2012

just a quick food journal

Im exhausted - really dont know why since I didnt do much today .... oh yea - baby girl hasnt mastered sleeping at night yet :( uhhhhh. So this will be quick even though I have things I wanted to share - tomorrow.

I have eaten really well today, no exercise but it is what it is.

Breakfast - old fashioned oats, 1 splenda, dash vanilla extract, 1/2 banana and handful of blackberries = 4 points

Snack - carrots with 2tbsp hummus = 2 points

Lunch - roasted red pepper soup with speghetti squash and a small amt goat cheese. Grilled chicken and salsa on a lettuce wrap = 6 points.

Snack - two small bites from my sons peanut butter on english muffin = 1 point

Dinner - speghetti squash, sauteed mushrooms/onion/garlic/spinach, 2 turkey meatballs and 1/2 cup marinary = 5 points

18 total so far, 8 left over at 8pm. I think Im going to have some dark chocolate pudding (3) with 1 tbsp peanut butter (2.5) and some sliced banana or raspberries.

ok more tomorrow ... night guys.

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