Thursday, January 5, 2012

Today was EGG-selent!

Had another pretty great day :) Made an appearance at work to drop some stuff off and showed off the baby which is always fun... and even better I fit nicely into the new size 12 jeans! Granted they arent the 8s I was wearing before the pregnancy but they arent the 14s I was wearing last week either!

As for food today - it was an egg kind of day. Breakfast was a scrampled egg with a piece of turkey sausage and a mix of peppers with half a grapefruit.

When it came time for lunch I remembered something I tried about a year ago after seeing it on another blog. It sounds GROSS but taste so good. Its a crispy egg white topped with an apple mixture. The key is to make sure you make it in a big enough pan for the egg to be really thin - like crepe thin or it taste eggy. Normally I put pumpkin spice mix on it but I didnt have any so I used apple pie spice mix and tons of extra cinnamon. The topping is diced apples, two tablespoons of lite greek yogurt and bran flakes. It taste better with some kind of honey flavored flakes but I didnt have any on hand. Its really really good - promise!

And of course it wouldnt be a meal without some brussel sprouts - my latest obsession. Today when I went to buy more it was empty and I practically attacked the produce guy to get some fresh ones that they hadnt put out yet :) Topped with 1/2 oz of goat cheese - yummy! I could eat this every meal!

Its a left over kind of night around here. Little man wasnt a fan of last nights dinner so I asked him what he wanted me to make him - I had to laugh... scrambled eggs!

My dinner was left overs from last night - speghetti squash mixed with mushrooms, onion, garlic and fresh spinach.

I topped it with 3 turkey meatballs and 1/4 cup sauce. And put a side salad of spinach leaves, apple, goat cheese and some fat free roasted red pepper dressing. SOOOOO filling!

I even got my workout in today - and finished my workout with a nice walk with my favorite son and family dog.

And then ended the day with this beautiful bald adorable little girl!

GREAT day! Tomorrow I am forcing myself to clean - yuck!


  1. looks awesome - what a GORGEOUS little one!!! Congrats!

  2. Love that your back!!! You little one is so cute!!