Tuesday, January 24, 2012

massive non-scale VICTORY!

Today started off early - with a 3 am wake up with Little Miss. It appears she wasnt really hungry - just wanted to snack. She ate an ounce and then sat there smiling at me... who can get upset with that? Got back to bed when the 5 year old decided to get up at 630 this morning. Today was the 4th day of a 4 day weekend.... shoot me!

I then heard "mom mom mom" one too many times; quickly up there with "im bored", "what can we do" ect ect ect. Little Miss wanted to eat every 2 hours and did NOT want to be sat down. Didnt help that I was CRANKY and really wanted some non-mommy time. Which wasnt in the agenda. I then left the baby with daddy once he woke up and G and I headed to my WW weigh in. I lost one pound. Better than a gain I know. But not enough to pull me out of my funk. I was snapping at everyone. It was bad.

So we came home and I immediately went to bed for a one hour nap thinking that would help... NOPE. I woke up to G trying to fit in everything he could possibly want to tell me in the hour I was asleep. I wanted to yell, scream, hide away and eat. I was SOOOOO cranky!

So instead I verified the gym could take an infant and we all headed to the gym. OMG I got ALL my aggression out and then some. I ran my ass off and it felt GREAT. That was followed by some weights and core work. I was a sweating smiling MESS.

And then everything was so much easier to deal with. G's 5 million "mom mom mom's" became like a joke and I could smile and enjoy him. We went from the gym to a friends so I could shower, then to swim lessons, followed by dinner out at Panera for me and my two favorite little people. Got home and we did his reading, money learning work, site words and played a game. He is now in bed. Little miss is fussing on my shoulder and I am handling it in stride.

Amazing what a great sweat session can do!


  1. best place to release the aggression! great job.

  2. FABULOUS!!! Perfect way to get out that aggrivation! GO GIRL!! I often find I can deal with the "mom mom mom's" after a great sweat session much more graciously, too! YES!