Friday, January 20, 2012

pushing through and not being locked in the house!

Yesterday I pushed through an insane desire to eat to cover my emotions. I won. Today I pushed through another hurdle.

We (I) had a rough night with the baby last night... was up WAY more than I wanted to be. Felt sluggish, tired and sore this morning. Got the little man off to school and wanted to go back to bed more than I have ever wanted to. I was cranky and pretty miserable. I planned to have my first real spin class post baby today and had that hard 9am slot saved for her at their daycare already. I didnt want to give that up so I went anyways. I picked the bike closest to the door so I could bolt if I needed to. I ROCKED IT! I sweated my ASS off and had a HUGE smile on my face the entire time. It was JUST what I needed.

Came home and now Im roasted some peppers to make a red pepper/speghetti squash soup... yummy!

I also have been keeping things pretty low key since back at weight watchers and not going out. I feel like a prisioner in my house. My 5 year old keeps asking why havent we gone out to eat - we used to eat out ALOT. I have saved ALOT of money and calories staying home. But I cant lock myself away. I have to live too. So tonight we are venturing out to dinner as a family. We are going to a chain mexican place that is my sons favorite. I have stalked their menu. I have played around with changing things and I think I have a good plan going in to where I get the experience of being out with the family without the guilt of over doing it. First NO margarita, sangria, chips, cheese dip. I dont need them! Want them? Yes. Need them? No. I will have the grilled tilapia - per their website its 10 points for the tilapia and rice. Im going to forgo the rice and get a side of black beans. From what I can tell that will be a point to point swap so thats 10 points. Then get a side salad with no cheese or crutons and put my fish and beans on top with some salsa. So dinner at 10 points.

which will keep me within my daily points. My added treat tonight will be worth eating healthy for dinner... I have worked out for about 6 days straight now, maybe more. Im on day 4 of this week and havent used any of the extra points....yaaa me. So tonight Im allowing myself to have dessert. Not a free for all dessert but a controlled one. Cold stone creamery like it size sinless sweet cream icecream with cherry pie filling... 5 points. SO looking forward to it.

The other thing I have done a bit different this week is control how much of the "free" stuff I am eating. I have decided certain things  - like bananas - while free... Im limiting myself to one a day. Also Im only allowing myself to have a true dessert - even if it stays within my points - once a week. Other wise I will control that craving with stuff like popcorn or frozen grapes or berries. Last week I was having my mini choc chips way to often - and I doubt I always calculated/weighed correctly. I also ate alot of peanut butter - again, I measured it but may not have been all that accurate so I probually was over my points more than I thought.

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