Tuesday, January 17, 2012

weigh in - the good vs the bad

Its a dreary rainy nasty day in Maryland today. The last week it has barely made it out of the 20s. This morning of course its in the 40s so the beautiful white snow was not to be... instead its gray,wet and gross outside. Wonderful way to start the morning. Add onto that a 6 week old that screamed bloody murder ALL the way to weight watchers this morning and hitting EVERY freaking red light. Yes it is shaping up to be one of those days.

Weigh in this morning showed me down 0.8lbs which made me hit my first 5%. Yes I know any loss is a good loss and I should be happy but Im not.  I expect more. Im going without and I want to see it show on the scale. Recently I told a reader that when she didnt lose on her 3rd week she needed to relook at how she is calculating points. Im going to listen to my own advice. My night time snacking while being healthier options - Im a little more lax on my measuring at night. Not to mention my "tablespoon" of peanut butter if you weighed it - its about 50% more than I thought I was eating and not calculating correctly. So this week Im going to work on that a bit.

I want to be down on myself - I want to tell myself all of the things I did "wrong". Why Im at fault for not losing a ridiculous amount of weight this week. Why Im not worthy of it. BUT Im not going to do that. Im PROUD of some of my actions this week and instead of beating myself up over something that I should be happy about.... Im going to focus on where I shined this week.
  • I went back to the gym this week and I ROCKED my workouts.
  • Im rebuilding my running base and have made it back to 2.5 miles already!
  • I restarted weight training and pushed myself to my limits.
  • I have drank a crap load of water - not a single soda in 3 weeks!
  • I have eaten more veggies and fruits this week then I have in about 3 months combined!
  • I have found tasty ways to incorporate said veggies into my diet and have made some yummy WW friendly meals.
  • I havent had anything processed - without even trying!
  • When I wanted to keep eating cookies at a recent gathering - instead I grabbed a handful of carrots.
These are all non-scale victories and Im proud of them!


  1. Nice work!!!! Don't worry you are not alone. We all feel the same way sometimes!

  2. you are doing awesome! keep it up! all of the little losses add up in the end to one big loss! I know you are looking for leaps and bounds but there is no miracle diet for that. you are making a lifestyle change that you will be able to stick with! you are doing it the right way. keep it up!

  3. yeah, good job! Glad for your loss! Great nsvs...keep up the good work.