Sunday, February 19, 2012

back to basics

Some how this week I lost my mojo. I stopped doing some of the things that I had thought was now a habit - like drinking my water before my coffee. I contemplated fast food and sodas. I didnt journal my food. I dont know why I swayed - what I do know is its really really easy to go back to that lifestyle. Very very easy.

So after doing all the things I needed to do around the house - massive cleaning, with both kids in tow. Yippee. We went to visit my inlaws -
My MIL isnt in the best of health. She has bad diabetes and very poor vasculature.She is sadly loosing her memory and probually has early alzeheimers. She was never a very active women. It was the repeat wake up call I needed - good health now = good health for much longer in life!

So we got home and I immediately went to Wegmans to restock our fridge. Then I was home and running. I made chocolate/cherry oatmeal for breakfast tomorrow. Then I made my favorite rice/veggie dish (2 points for a large bowl) - seperated it into one-serving containers.

I use this for soooo much.
  1. As a side dish
  2. as the base of an easy entree - just add diced chicken or shrimp and a tbsp of hummus.
  3. My fav - I make a salad with fresh baby spinach, romaine and cilantro leaves. Top that with 1/2 a container of this rice mixture cold (1 point), top that with diced chicken and a few spoonfuls of salsa as a dressing. SOOOOO Good and very filling.
Then it was time to make this weeks workout schedule. Its a little ambitious but I like a challange and understand that sometimes it just wont all happen and thats ok. Im trying to cross train 2-3 days/week and run 4 days a week with one of those being a medium distance, one being my longer run, a speed workout and a hill workout.
What I learned tonight is the speed workouts need to NOT happen at 9pm... omg it was tough and I didnt complete the goal of 400 meters (or is it 100? whats one lap?) x4. I ran 1 mile at an easy pace then did 2 laps at a 8:30/mile. After two I was DONE. Granted I could hear a screaming kid upstairs because he couldnt find his little sleep animals that ruined the mood :)

This week I am going to drink my water, pack my lunch/dinner for work, journal my food and get as much exercise in that I can.

We will see how the week goes.


  1. I like how you made your workout schedule one week in advance.I think I am going to do that. Thank you for the fantastic idea! and your rice mixture looks fantastic.

  2. it's day...3
    how be the basics now?


    1. going well! My eating has been right on. Yesterdays spin/cross training class was so tough I thought I was going to puke (AWESOME!). This morning Im feeling a bit rough. Was hoping to run before work, not after - but baby girl was up every hour and Im barely functioning right now.