Friday, February 24, 2012

I am alive - and random thoughts :)

I am alive - promise. I have even tried to post almost daily but it appears Blogger and I were not friends for a while and the site wouldnt let me type anything new. VERY ANNOYING. You missed out on so many wonderful insightful post... haha, yea right.

Im tired so its a bullet list today
  • Eating has been so so - definately could be better. When Im tired or blah then my healthy eating goes out the window - again VERY annoying.
  • My workouts have rocked! I ran 4.5 miles on the treadmill that the gym yesteray. I was only aiming to run 30 min but pushed it out and it felt GREAT. I also started taking a spin cross training class on mondays that Im in love with - its a bit of spin, a bit of core and some cardio pumps on the field. Its hard but I feel OH SO GOOD afterwards! I even made it to 530 am spin before work once this week. y
  • I want to venture out of my comfort zone and do some more core work. I have found a little home exercise that I will share next post that Im going to incorporate a few times a week and come March 1st I am promising myself that I am attempting CX works at the gym. CXworks is 30 min of a les mills core strengthening workout. Im intimidated and worried my stomach isnt ready for it so thats why I am aiming for doing some at home stuff for 2 weeks first.
  • Today Im also venturing out of my comfort zone and buying a bathing suit for some lap work - where to fit it into the schedule nto sure yet but it will happen.
Like I said Im exhausted - we went out and back to New Jersey (2.5-3 hours away) to pick up my van yesterday. Got to see some family so totally worth it. But didnt get home until 1030pm - then to get G into bed. UP with Bre at 4. Now to get G on the bus and me to the gym. I have things in my head - will try to post them tonight.

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