Sunday, February 19, 2012

blah sunday

I am exhausted. The nap at 4pm yesterday - NOT A GOOD IDEA! Couldnt fall asleep last night and baby girl kept waking up for her binky every hour or so. I am tired.

I had baby time reserved at the gym for 845 but just couldnt get up the mojo to quickly eat breakfast, get both kids dressed and out the door and there on time. It just wasnt happenning. So I canceled my time. I tried to get a later time but it was all booked. So aiming for a run later when Bre is down for a nap and G will either work out with me or entertain himself.

My eating has been crap - not weighing in tomorrow. I will at home. School is out and just dont want to drag two kids with me to see a gain.

I also need to get some cleaning mojo going today. My house is disgusting.

I need more coffee first...

1 comment:

  1. Lack of sleep is the worst. Since I nursed I felt like my second was never going to sleep all night & I worked. And had a 3 year old...

    Anyway-Sleepy baby vibes your way!!!!