Friday, February 24, 2012

Today was a ME day :)

Yup you heard me right. Today was a ME day. Not only did I take a day for myself - I also planned it in advanced and even had it on the calendar. Part of my new years goals was to have a date with myself once a month. Today was it.

Baby girl spent some time with her daddy then went to the sitters. Little man is in school. Did I feel guilty... NOPE... a happy mom makes happy kids!

I started off my date as all should start.... at the gym! I aimed for a 3 mile run before spin class but got there alittle later than I would have liked and only got a speedy mile in then headed downstairs to the spin room. I really pushed myself in class today and left a happy, drip sweating mess. I even packed a bag to shower at the gym - I knew if I came home to do it then something would detour my planned day (like a messy kitchen). So showered, dressed and I was off...

Went to the mall and did alittle shopping for me - nothing too exciting, just some shirts for work. But still I was out BY MYSELF... so it was worth it! Then it was off for a massage. I normally like some pressure (ie pain) but today was nice and easy and all about relaxation. Then since my bf couldnt meet me for lunch, I put my big girl panties on and went out and ate by myself with my kindle fire as my date. A bit more shopping ensued afterwards.

And then it was 2ish and time to come back to reality and put my mommy hat back on. I went grocery shopping, picked up little miss and now waiting for her big brothers bus. Tonight will be pancake supper at his school and some cleaning after the kids are in bed since the sitter is here tomorrow... cant have her think we are pigs! Even if we are :)

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  1. LOL! I love those kinds of days! Good for you for getting to the gym too, and especially for cleaning after, I'd probably have skipped the cleaning, but of course I do that for a living so I'm absolutely sick of it! LOL