Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy Friday :)

Hi everyone - I survived my 24 hours of work this week :) It felt really good to be back and do something with my brain although it was quite obvious that I had been away for 8 weeks in how behind I was and some stupid things I did.

I have eaten AWESOME since Monday. I have easily stayed within my daily points - yesterday I used 1 extra point (the first extra of the week) but I may not have really. I think I overestimated a few things but I would rather over than under estimate my points. I have been 100% unprocessed, no soda. Yesterday I wanted some chocolate REALLY bad around 4pm. Not because I needed it but because it was a bit slow at that time at work and I was bored. Before I would go down daily to the gift shop. Buy a big assortment of the mini candys and eat every single one of them (maybe 20 in all) over the rest of the shift. So while I wanted just one little candy - I do NOT want to revisit old habits so I refused to let myself to go to that side of the hospital.  Someone had ordered pizzas for the unit for lunch - weird that I had NO desire to have a slice. I was starving by the time I got to sit down for lunch which happenned to be when they were delivered yet I had no craving for them and the smell did nothing for me. I very happily ate my rice mixture topped with grilled chicken and a spoonful of hummus.  It was very nice.

Unfortinately I did NOT workout in the last two days. Wed I had planned to work out when I got home but I was EXHAUSTED and didnt finish picking up the kids and getting them both settled and in bed until almost 9pm and hadnt eaten dinner yet. Thursday I planned to get up early and go to 530am spin class, shower at the gym then head in. I woke up at 5, everything was packed but my warm bed sucked me back in and I decided to sleep until 615. I woke up so much more refreshed so I dont feel bad. But that means I need to pick up my game today and this weekend.

A bit bummed at my gym - you have to book your infant slot in the daycare room and you can do it 72 hours in advanced. It appears most moms are faster than me because I couldnt get the time I wanted/needed fri, sat or sunday. So today I will run at home. Sat hubby will watch her while I go to spin and Sunday I took a time that I didnt  really want and will run at the gym. I run so much better there than at home! But being the dork that I am  - this morning after getting G on the bus I initially went back to bed then jumped up realizing it was after 8am and I could log on and reserve mondays slot... got the time I wanted - woohoo!!!

Later today or tomorrow I will be posting my go to make ahead meals for work - it has been very helpful!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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