Monday, February 27, 2012

They tried to give me an out...

I didnt take it though.

Went to weight watchers this morning. I was up 1.8 lbs in the past two weeks. I weighed in today with sneakers on and a sweatshirt. The woman told me that I should take all of that off and reweigh in and I would probually come out even. I told her no. First I was running behind for my cross training class and two, I deserved to gain. A mini wake up call if you will. I picked up my new tracker and headed out.

On the tracker stand point - I tried two weeks ago to do my journaling on their website, last week on my new app for the kindle fire. They didnt work for me. I need my tracker.

Then it was GO GO GO ... Mondays are SOOOO chaotic!
First G almost missed the bus.

Then I rush to weigh in and get to the gym by 9.

Spin/cross training KICKED MY BUTT today... pools of sweat on the ground dripping from my face when we were doing some core stuff. OMG spin + running + stairs + core + weights with more spin mixed in = KILLER workout!

Then it was home to feed little miss, shower and drop off my FIL car he was letting us borrow.

Then home, eat lunch, prep and cook food for the week, blog.

Its now 2 - need to go to wake and feed Bre, go to the store, pick up G from school, swim lessons, dinner, baths, bed. and remember to breath...

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