Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dont think my kids like me...

Yes Im being alittle over the top and sarcastic. No I dont really think my kids dont like me.

On my days off they sleep all night without a peep. Fast forward to a night before work like last night.

By 830 pm I had gotten both in bed, lunches made, bags (G's school bag, my work bag and gym bag) packed, kitchen cleaned, dishwasher running and a load of clothes in the washer. I was SOOOO proud of myself. I actually relaxed a bit last night. Went to bed by 10 so I could get up super early and go to the gym for my run this morning before work. Hubby, even though he got home late, agreed to do all the morning stuff with the kids.

Thats when my great wonderful awesome plan went out the window. Bre was up at 1, 2, and 330 am. At 2 I couldnt get her to go back down and ended up caving and feeding her. Gavin crawled into our bed at 4 crying from a bad dream. My alarm went off at 5 telling me to get my butt out the door by 515 for the gym... hahaha... I reset the alarm and crawled back into bed.

Now Im up at my normal time - of course kids and hubby are sleeping but there isnt enough time to work out. I never know if I should just say screw it and get no sleep and get my workout in anyways or do what I did. The problem is Im going into a 12 hour shift and since hubby is on evenings this week I have to get both kids at 8pm from sitter, home and in bed before I can even breath/eat/pee, ect.

The joys of being a working mom.

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