Saturday, February 25, 2012

So how did the week go?

Last weeks workout PLAN vs REALITY
  • Sunday - planned one mile warm up then 400 x 4 speed work, did the 1 mile but only 2 rounds of speed work.
  • Monday - planned and completed my new favorite spin XT class
  • Tuesday - planned one mile run then hill repeats, couldnt get out of bed in time so nada
  • Wednesday - planned and completed early morning spin class
  • Thursday - planned 45 min run, completed 45 min run :) 4.5 miles total.
  • Friday - planned 3 mile run and spin class, completed the spin class but only one mile run
  • Saturyday - rest day
This coming week workout schedule
Sunday- 50 min run + 5 min warm up, 10 min cool down; mini core workout
Monday - spin XT class
Tuesday - 50 min early run before work
Wednesday - spin class, 2 mile run, mini core workout
Thursday - early before work spin class
Friday - rest
Sat - 55 min run + 5 min warm/cool down; mini core workout


  • The past week, not so good. I didnt go weigh in. I didnt journal and I definately didnt stay within my points with several meals eating out.
  • This coming week I am weighing in on Monday NO MATTER WHAT. I have no plans to eat out and want to keep it that way. Plan to eat fresh, planned healthy yummy meals.

Im looking forward to the week coming. My moms group does a biannual weight loss challange that started this week so some extra support will be awesome.

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  1. ahh and the week is here.
    Im only kinda partially sorta ready :)