Thursday, March 22, 2012

great day today :)

I have highly enjoyed myself today- I love having my dad visit! I cooked yummy healthy food today and got my workout in and tons of family time. No I didnt track and I definately havent stayed in my points this week but I should come out even at the end of the week I think .

Got my run in after breakfast - first run with baby girl :) Today was a 3 mile scheduled run - felt like I could have easily ran farther but in training I stick to the plan.
And some random pics of today ...

I put my dad and husband to work building a little enclosure around our playset and filled it up with rubber mulch... OMG that mulch is EXPENSIVE but so glad we did it!

And we ended the day with a bon fire and smores :) ignore the ghettoness of my fire area - we are working on it :)

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