Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Random good things

I have noticed that Im not very good at patting myself on the back or accepting compliments very well. When someone tells me Im looking fit or having a good hair day or "skinny"-er ... I immediately make a funny face or say "yea but look at this" and point out something that Im not doing so great. This week I have decided to spend the week patting myself on the back. When I get a compliement I will smile and say "Thank you I have been working hard". I will focus on what Im doing well - not what I suck doing. So for starters....

  • Yesterday I ventured out for my first outside run since getting pregnant and having baby girl. I have been dreading going outside because outside I lose control of my speed and do not know EXACTLY how fast or far Im going. BUT last year I craved those outside runs and dreaded the treadmill... funny how fast things can change. So I mapped out a 4 mile run from my house, woke up in the am, put on my running clothes and headed out the door. I planned an out and back run since its hard to get smaller distances in a big loop from my house. Out and back had 4 pretty killer hills. I have only been running 2-3 miles consistantly and they have not been feeling good. Turns out I needed to pass the 3 mile mark... once I hit three miles I felt awesome and in my stride. When I got back home at 4 miles I didnt feel "done" so I grabbed my dog and headed back out for an extra mile around the neighborhood. So 5.2 miles and it felt GREAT. Even without music since my ipod was dead :)
  • My dad is here from Texas - woohoo!!!!! SOSOSOSO happy to see him! G was excited too at the airport waiting for him yesterday.

  • I dont want to lose any time in the next 5 days that he is here with him because of my workouts so instead of heading to the gym at 9am that is typical for me - I went to bed early and got up to spin at 530am ... getting home before anyone was up. I almost went back to bed but remembered a quote I recently read (dont remember from where) ... You never say "man I really regret that workout" but will say "man I regret not working out"   and it was definately right. I feel awesome, that extra hour of sleep wouldnt have made me feel any more rested and I would have regreted not going.

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  1. Great point about the regret! The hardest part is getting out of the bed, it's all easy from there :) Keep up the great work and stay positive.