Sunday, September 30, 2012

life is a marathon...

In the last few weeks I have gotten stuck in a rut. I have had issues with the mentality of "all or nothing". I have started every day off strong, lost my resolve somewhere after dinner and then felt like a failure and fell into the bad thoughts. 

We all know the "bad thoughts". 
  • you arent strong enough
  • your legs are huge and jiggly
  • you will always be fat
  • look at those belly rolls
  • you have already done the damage might as well go for it some more
  • your face is so gross with the double chin and pimple 
  • your clothes will never fit
  • no one likes you because your fat
Ok so maybe those are MY bad thoughts - but Im sure everyone has their own version. I hope yours is nicer to you than mine is. 

But you know what - weight loss isnt an all or nothing. My goals (posted yesterday) are NOT goals to get thin. They are goals to live a healthy life. To feel good in my skin. No Im not there yet but I will get there. Baby steps equal a HUGE distance down the road. I need to focus on making smart choices and realize the process is a marthon. 

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  1. Yes!! I need to replace negative thoughts with positive ones for sure!