Saturday, September 29, 2012

dreaming big

When did I stop dreaming big? When did I start settling for just being mediocre? When did I stop thinking amazing things could happen to me?

Tonight on Glee of all places I heard this...

"You should dream ... very very big... then work incredibly hard to make it happen"

It hit home. So I decided to start making a dream list. Im not exactly good at dreaming big anymore. So this list is a work in progress. Number one should have been "learn to dream" but here goes...

Dream Big

  1. Do a pull up
  2. Run a second marathon
  3. be a role model for my daughter
  4. Not worry if Im going to fit into my clothes because they fit
  5. want to have sex with the lights on
  6. Want to wear skirts to show my legs
  7. Run a 5k with Gavin … and then with both kids J
  8. Go sky diving with Gavin
  9. Walk my grandkids down the isle when they get married
  10. Go mountain climbing
  11. Go white water rafting
  12. Inspire and help train someone for their first half marathon
  13. become a morning person – waking up without hitting snooze
  14. Run an 8:30 min mile
  15. date my husband
  16. take the kids on an Alaskan cruise
  17. Have a third child (shhhh…. Not so sure about this one)
  18. complete a tough mudder
  19. take dance lessons with eric

1 comment:

  1. I love your dream big list! I have a kind of bucket list of things I'd like to accomplish during my 45th year. I might steal one or two or your ideas.

    I hope you get things crossed off your list and have doing it!