Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 10 - 20 to go!

I am here - promise and 100% still on plan! Today is day 10!!!! I may not be able to post until day 12 or 13 but I promise you I am in this for the long haul.  (For those of you that dont know Im doing the whole30 challenge... 1/3 of the way there!)

I have a few big challenges coming up. 

First we have family visiting from Texas - granted they are pretty healthy too and I was up front on my eating right now so they are not expecting big meals, desserts ect... but I like to host and normally my hosting revolves around yummy food! uhhh. 

Second, Gavin has a party for his class that we are hosting Saturday. The menu? Horrible kid food (once I successfully make the paleo switch over the family is coming with me next) but for right now they arent. So its pizza, chips, cookies, cupcakes. A whole bunch of CRAP. Im taking 2 hard boiled eggs and some berries to tide me over while we are there then will eat once we are home. 

Sunday is crazy busy. My wonderful group of women Im training will be running their first 5k that morning. Followed by brunch - while not my farm fresh eggs ... it will be easy to stay whole 30 compliant. Then we are taking G to a kids play and going to dinner afterwards. I have NOT been to a restaurant in over 10 days. I am nervous about that. I plan to go online saturday and prepick the restaurant and my food now. No leaving it up to chance. 

I wanted to weigh myself this morning - proud of me that I didnt. Why is the scale so demanding of my attention?

Anyways this had to be quick - need to get out the door and to work. After my 12 hours I have 5 days off woohoo! 

RIght now I am letting everyone know that next week starting with the run on Saturday - I need to get my exercise grove back on. I love going to the gym... so why did I stop???

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  1. Way to go on pushing through! Very inspiring! After my half marathon this weekend, I'm going to concentrate more on my nutrition. I've thought about doing the paleo whole 30. I might now that I won't be running so much. Good luck with the rest of yours and enjoy your busy weekend you have coming up!