Friday, December 14, 2012

changing up the game plan

Obviously if you look at the weights on the right my 15 lb challenge isnt going so well. Hell Ive gained weight!

And if you are not new to my blog you will also notice a pattern. I do awesome, feel great, amazing on top of the world. Figure I can keep doing it without my antidepressant and I stop it. About 3 months later I hit a new low and struggle for about a month and then go back on my happy pill.

This month is no different. I have been struggling for weeks now. This is the longest since I have gone without it - I need to realize that I may just be one of those people that need a medication to help with my mood. And postpartum the second time is worse and maybe a year just isnt long enough.

So I restarted the medication today. Not very happy about it. I do NOT like relying on a medication to help me get through the day.

The other thing I have been struggling with is that I am pretty good at helping other people reach their goals. I  am a great cheerleader and pusher for other people but I suck at doing it for myself. And unfortinately I dont have alot of people to be my cheerleader - to keep me accountable and push me. Ive decided I need a bit more help. I decided to join a 90 day beachbody challenge. I got in touch with my coach and reordered shakeology and ordered the Chelean videos. I will be doing them in addition to my running/spinning and maybe swimming.

I decided to make a new tab to follow the 90 days ... once the videos come in I will redo my pictures and stats.

Hopefully this is what I need.

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