Thursday, December 13, 2012

stressed out

I am so incredibly stressed out and Im annoyed at myself for being stressed over little things. Other people are dealing with sickness, loss of loved ones, loss of jobs, difficulty making ends meat, divorce, abuse.... serious things. Things that should make you stressed out.

I have two healthy vibrant children, an amazing husband, a job I love that provides well for my family.

Yet I am stressed out over every little thing. Im spending too much money for the holidays and stressing every time I buy something else. Im stressed that I am not seeing my kids enough - yet Im checking my email instead of being on the floor rolling around with a one year old. Im stressed out that there isnt enough time in the day and that Im exhausted - yet instead of going to bed early and getting some sleep and feeling rested Im on here and catching up on my tv shoes.

Im stress eating like a crazy person. And I keep telling myself "I will start tomorrow, ok I will start tomorrow". Tomorrow never comes.

Im up for suggestions... how do I stay in the now? How do I focus on being healthy and enjoy the moments that Im having instead of waiting for a magical day that is never going to happen? How do I let this "omg I cant breath" stress feeling go away?

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