Monday, October 30, 2017

Monday Matters

Happy Monday everyone!

My morning started off just like I needed it to - after we got the kids on the bus hubby and I went back to bed until 10am! It was glorious. Nice cold morning + sleeping in = one happy mom!

Then it was off to the school to do my volunteer duties. I am the box top chick.. fun fun... today was getting new sheets out to all the teachers for Tuesday folders and collecting what needs to be sorted.

Then some fun target shopping for girl clothes - I have a shopping problem! But I have a very well dressed little girl!

Just in time to get home to have an awesome lunch! While I am all for interm fasting, Im not actively attempted it. Today it just happenned. First meal at noon, end by 8pm. Cool beans.

My lunch rocked. It was a salad mix with kale, spinach and shaved brussel sprouts, grilled chicken, avacado, walnuts and homemade ranch... so good, so filling and within my macros!

Then it was off to help my awesomely amazing 16 year old cousin get a new bed - which was HILARIOUS watching us get it attached to my van ... GIRL POWER!
this is Suzy :)

Now Im watching my 5 year old make a book - she is so stinking cute!

The rest of the night will fly by. G gets home from robotics at 6. Dinner. Flu shots for the kids. Carving pumpkins. Bed time stuff and then hitting the gym for my weights workout :)

All in all great freaking day :)

edited to add a quick video :)

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