Saturday, September 5, 2009

food journal 9/5/09

I have been asked for the occational food journal. I will try to do this a few times a week.

coffee with fat free creamer and splenda with fiber (a fabulous idea!) - zero points
Egg sandwich with high fiber english muffin, one egg and a slice of weight watcher cheese - 4 pts

nachos with baked tortilla chips (2 points), ww cheese (2 points), and home-made salsa = 4 points

Iced coffee with skim milk - 1 point
Fiber one bar - 2 points

dinner - grilled chicken (5 points), angel hair pasta with fresh tomatoes and goat cheese (5 points), brocoli (0 points) = 10 points

total 21 points. I have 7 points left over so I think im going to splurge on a small strawberry shortcake with icecream :)

Today was a VERY good day. I ate within my daily points. I exercised and I feel great! Except for my new hair dye thats alittle too dark.

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