Thursday, September 24, 2009

HATE the scale!

I am SOOOOO close into breaking into the 170's on MY scale (WW is always alittle higher than mine)... yesterday am I was 180.5. I got so excited this morning, the second I woke up I peed then went and stood on the scale praying for 179.5 (it goes by halfs) and the stupid scale said 181.5. That is my naked morning weight today. Today is a WW weigh in evening. So add clothes, drinking and eating today and the fact that their scale is a bit higher ... I will probually GAIN this week! I am so bummed! Besides splurging fri and sat, I have been within my daily points every day since and do not see a good weigh in tonight :( totally bums me out!

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  1. Try thinking about your weight loss journey as exactly that -- a journey.

    If you went on a road trip to Disney World and you hit a traffic jam in North Carolina, what would you do? If later in your journey, you came across some road construction in Georgia, would you find a detour and keep going or would you turn back for home? What if when you got to Orlando, you got lost looking for your hotel? Would you give up and go home then?

    Weight loss is a journey and it can be very challenging to deal with setbacks, but you just have to keep moving toward your goal. It will be so worth it when you get to your desired weight!! When you find yourself struggling, remember that is much easier to continue on from where you are than to go back to square one and start all over.