Saturday, September 12, 2009

my husband sucks

Seriously - my husband sucks. When he went through the police academy I did EVERYTHING. I made all the meals, did all the shopping, always was the one to get up with G, and not once did I complain. I knew it was for a short period of time and he had to put his attention to other things.

I only have 11 weeks left of graduate school, just 11 weeks! And if I hear him complain ONE MORE TIME! Saturdays are my only day off. This saturday I let him sleep in until 11am. I took G to the grocery store with me which adds like an hour to my shopping time so he could have some down time. I did my wifely duties :) I am making dinner. ANd then he complains that
1. I have to do school work tonight so I cant watch a movie
2. Poor him has to get up with G tomarrow and cant stay up late so he cant play with us or spend time with us because he needs to record something about 9/11 that is already saved on DVR and isnt going anywhere to a DVD.

God forbid he lets me have any down time on my ONLY day off!

He constantly complains that he has no relaxing time since he is with G on his days off... he is your son butt munch!

He tells me when I am spending time to work out that I am just wasting my time and I should wait 11 weeks until im done... he seriously said "its not like you will weigh 400 lbs by then"... he has lost the sensitivity gene I swear!

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  1. Oh god that sounds so familiar! F finally got his shit together- sort of- after I just about took his head off last weekend! Of course it helps that I am very pregnant and have that as an excuse... At least now he takes care of X- God forbid he should lift a hand to help with housework but at least I don't have to worry too much about X. On that note I am going to take what little energy I have left and attempt to clean my kitchen which is a pit!