Monday, September 7, 2009

waking up to a better day...

I have decided as soon as I woke up that today will be a good day. I will plan out, not eat unless im hungry, drink my water and exercise today. I cannot go run until Eric wakes up, the joys of having a toddler - there is no more running out to do what ever you want to do when ever you want to do it.

I need to suck it up and do some school work today too - I need to not get behind with my readings because once im stressed all hell breaks loose.

Todays food journal

730am coffee, coffee and more coffee with ff creamer and splenda with fiber (1 point)

830am high fiber english muffin with spray butter and cinnimon (1 point)

10am egg on a slice of high fiber bread (3 points)

1230pm lunch - homemade nachos. 1/2 cup black beans (1 point), 1/2 cup diced bbq grilled chicken (2 points), 1/3 cup ww cheese (2 points), 1oz baked tortilla chips (2 points) jalapenos, homemade salsa = 7 points. SO SO SO yummy! I prefer these over the nachos at Baja! They are so yummy and very filling and just the right amount. And super easy to make too... you just make them on a baking sheet and put them in the toaster over to broil for a few minutes ....YUMMY!

3pm fiber one bar (2 points)

6pm grilled chicken (3 points), baked potatoe with low fat sour cream (4), brocoli (0), bbq sauce (1) = 8 points

630 one single bite of g's icecream (guessing 1 point)... and yes seriously I only ate one bite! :)

8pm the best dessert EVER... OMG it was sooo good! Mix 2 wedges of laughing cow cheese with splenda (1 point), put that over one of those dessert cups for shortcake (1 point) and cover it in strawberries (1-2 points), I used splenda with fiber so Im giving this 3 points. It was so so so so good, rich and creamy!

running total = 26 points ... 2 left incase I need a "snack" before going to bed... not great but oh well it happens!


Exercise - Today I met up with Sandi at the local high school track. We walked 1/2 lap then ran a full lap for a total of 6 laps then walked 1/2 ran fast 1/2 for 3 laps, walked a lap and then walked the bleachers. Good sweat! Didnt really push myself as much as I could have but will next time! Im so proud of my running buddy, just had a baby and she is doing AWESOME! She thinks "hopefully" she can do a 5k come spring, hell I think she will be ready by November!

Im hoping to start some double work outs, running in the am and then elliptical or weights in the evening, not every day or I would get burnt out but a few days a week.

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