Monday, September 7, 2009

Need to be more technically inclined!

I am new to this whole blog thing - I need to learn how to make it cooler looking and need to learn how to have a side bar of all of the amazing blogs I have came acrossed that gave me the idea to do this one... there are some AMAZING women out there that have already taken the journey that I am on and have succeeded. They are amazing role models and it has reminded me that I am NOT the only one feeling this way. I am NOT the only one to have gone on this journey of not only weight loss but self discovery. I will NOT be the last one either so if I can inspire someone like these ladies have done for me then even better! Normal busy women, moms, wives, can work this into their life. They can make lifestyle changes and make their outside appearance match their personality.

I have to admit though - I am always so worried that once I lose the weight that everything I blamed on the weight will still be a problem and I will have to come to the realization that my problems are not from my weight as I have easily blammed my weight for my problems. My lack of close friendships, my uneasiness around people I do and dont know, my opinion of myself. I have told myself over and over that when I lose the weight all of that will get better.

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