Monday, September 7, 2009

why im fat...

I have an eating problem, a big one! Its not that I have big bones, not that I have a slow metabolism and its not part of my DNA. Its because I put CRAP into my mouth whether I am hungry or not. I need over-eating annonymous!

Eric is working evenings for the next two weeks. No one is here to watch what I am eating and because of that I want to splurge soooo bad! I want to go get taco bell and McDonalds. I want to go to the grocery store and get half a cherry pie and get rid of the evidence before my hubby gets home. I want to take my 3 year old out for dinner for "bonding time" just so I can order super yummy food and then I want to take G out for icecream. I have done each and every one of those things every time dh goes to evenings. I eat when he isnt here. But today, the first day of his evening shift, I have vowed instead I would tell all of you my horrible little secret. By telling on myself the secrecy to it and therefore not nearly as tempting. Instead Im making some homemade lentil veggie soup for the week (super yummy) and Im enjoying a baked potatoe with light sour cream and some left over chicken. And staying within my points. If I would have done everything I wanted to I would have felt miserable and disgusting and VERY dissapointed in myself!

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