Thursday, October 15, 2009


Just dropped G off at preschool and BOY did I look ROUGH! Im in super baggy clothes, my hair is greasy. I just feel GROSS. The post nasal crap isnt helping either. Nor is the nasty cold rain outside or the fact that my living room smells ridiculously like dog - yuck. It is going to be a very blah day.

On a good note I havent had a soda in 24 hours! Thats big for me since I average between 6-8 cans/day (diet cherry pepsi)... yes its zero calories and therefore zero points but I really think it makes me crave other things and just cant be that healthy to have all of those chemicals in my body. I make G drink water most of the time yet I have a soda in my hand... what kind of role model is that?!? So its been coffee in the am (CANT CUT THAT), water and unsweetened iced tea the rest of the time. So far so good.

Yesterday was my first day back tracking points - did well. I was STARVING by dinner but it was because I didnt spread out the food I brought to school and I ate breakfast really really early.

I sit here trying to get up the energy to go change my clothes and get on the treadmill. I dont want to but I need to. I havent worked out in 2 days. I have a 5 K to run in 4 weeks or so. Need to get moving.

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