Saturday, January 2, 2010

January work out plan

So here is my plan for January for working out - I figure I need to ease back into things but I also need to make myself accountable and have a plan in place. The last week of Jan I will be adding a swim aerobics type class once a week but will include that into February's plan, not Januarys.

I want to get back into weight training but need to ease myself so I have decided to attempt the 100 situp/pushup and squat plan.

I will only do these as my weight training for this month and next month will add to it. I will be doing all three of these three times a week.

I will run 3 days a week

On days I am not running I will alternate doing a wii workout and doing a video.

Here is my plan

Sunday - RUN
Monday - pushup/situp/squat challange and a wii workout
Tuesday - RUN
Wednesday - Video
Thursday - pushup/situp/squat challange and RUN
Friday - wii workout
Saturday - pushup/situp/squat challange and either Video or Day off

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