Sunday, February 21, 2010

24hours to see if I reached my goal....

This time tomarrow I will be weighing in - I have been weighing almost every morning. I didnt this morning, I was worried it would set me up for a bad day so I decided against it. So this time tomarrow I will step on the scale and either make my goal or not. If Im am 181 I will SCREAM since I have been 181 since last Wednesday.

Im at work today - work is typically a good day diet wise. I pack my lunch and have stopped buying ANYTHING when Im at work so it is only what I bring and I only bring healthy stuff.

I didnt get up to work out today - surprise surprise. I think I needed a day off though - I woke up with some calf pain and tightness. Tomarrow will be a long run day though.

845pm - I just finished dinner - healthy calorie wise but probually way too much sodium. I put in the toaster oven a piece of frozen grilled tilapia and made me some mashed potatoes healthy style. I really should have made a veggie too but didnt. I worry that it was too much sodium and its going to fuck up my weigh in tomarrow. I have 3 points left over for the day - I think I am going to end the day with a piece of chocolate :)

After tomarrows weigh - next weeks goal... NO WEIGHING IN until the following MONDAY. Next week there will be no pound challange. Here is next weeks challange
2. RUN 5 days this week - mon, tues, thur, fri, sat

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