Monday, February 22, 2010

And the scale says....

That number is haunting me! That is the lowest I can ever get. But staying positive... I lost 4 lbs this week. I think I may have been so stressed about the number and almost willed the 181 weight to stick around since last wednesday. I have also been very stressed about my coming certification exam... my life revolves around that test - if I fail it then I lose the job waiting for me. What is stressing me more is not knowing when it will be and the wait - sucks!
So going into this next week - next monday starts week 8 of my journey. Next monday I will redo my measurements and see if there are any differences. While Im hoping to be officially in the 170s next week - Im sticking with my goals from last week. NO weighing in - period - until next monday. 5 runs this week in addition to my swimming class and an extra day of weights.


  1. I was worried that the pic would seem "gross" with my big old toes in it! I just treated myself to a pedicure with a friend!

  2. It's the weight of the camera that kept you at 181! I hate those plateaus! Keep plugging...