Friday, February 12, 2010


I do NOT want to go to work. I want to stay home and enjoy a day off with my wonderful husband and child. I want to go sledding and build a snow fort. But no - Im heading to work. :(

Anyways - I tried to get up to run this morning, even went to bed early but no I didnt get up in time. I could still squeeze it in and rush but I chose to write here instead. Bad, right? I will definately get a run in tomarrow - Im off tomarrow so in the am I will get a good run in. Unfortinately I work sun and mon so I really need to force myself to get a work in atleast one of those days, I feel so much better when it happens, so it needs to happen!

I have been doing decent on the food side of things - I did splurge and have a piece of cake for my bday but it was my 30th bday. I could have done worse. I am alittle worried about dinner out with eric tomarrow but Im going to try to stick to fish and veggies, no appetizer and only a glass or two of wine. Hense why I really need to get those work outs in!

I have decided that I will start treating myself to something fun every 5 lbs starting at 15lbs. I dont think that will happen this monday but Im hopeful for the following Monday. The first gift will be a massage.
15 lbs = massage
20lbs = facial
25lbs = mani/pedi
And somewhere in there will hopefully be new clothes!

I have lost 10 lbs so far and I havent gone down a size yet, my clothes still pretty much fit the same way but I have been here before - it typically doesnt show until about 13-14 lbs. Im too damn short!

I am also alittle concerned about when I hit that 15 lb mark - it will take me to 180lbs.
I have done this weightloss thing SOOOO many times, and I can never break the 180 mark. I have not seen 170's in 8 years :( I always quit before that because I hit a small platue.

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