Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Im 30...

Wow, today I am 30. It is crazy to me how fast life happens. I met my husband 10 years ago. 3 1/2 years ago our wonderful little man joined us. I am ready for life to slow down a bit.

This past year has been a busy chaotic but great year. I finished graduate school which was a huge accomplishment. I ran my first 5K. I have decided to pull away from those in my life that were not good for me and feel that I have formed a few amazing friendships. And in the last few weeks I have taken back my health and happiness - I sucked it up and went back on an antidepressant which I really needed but was ashamed to say I needed, I started working out again and watching what I ate.

Initially when I logged on here this morning I was going to write about the things that are annoying me right now ... there are quite a few. Im beyond stressed about things that are NOT in my control... and I have to keep telling myself that. I have no control over certain things and need to not stress over them! I am waiting for my letter to test for my licence but the job thats waiting for me is starting to pressure me to start. And out of the blue I get an email from someone upset with me that I dont want to be their friend. uhhh. Not everyone in life is meant to be friends and Im done faking it - Im done being fake. I just dont have the energy.

Last night Gavin and I made me a bday cake a day early and he sang to me and I opened my few presents. I wish Eric, my sometimes wonderful husband, would be a little sweeter every once in a while. He was just being a PIA when all I wanted was to play Uno with my two favorite guys and then let Gavin sing to me - Gavin was SOOOO excited! but eric was cranky and could have been alittle more into my day (even if it was a day early)

Ok so I did vent a bit - I wasnt going to but oh well there it is.

So my birthday gift to myself today - Im going to run 30 min straight. Im enjoying a cup of coffee right now as I type this then Im heading down to run. Looks like Racheal and Jonas are spending the day with us - yaaaa! And hopefully I will see Sandi, Joshua and Lora today too! And depending on the snow, may or may not be going out to dinner with Racheal. I need the outing and a few laughs so I hope the next foot of snow we are getting tonight doesnt ruin that.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! I was going to tease you and call you an old hag but then what would that make me- yikes! I'm glad you had a good day with your men- even if Eric was being a PIA. Sorry I have been totally MIA recently- a bit overwhelmed with life... miss you!

  2. Whit - I miss you too! Im hoping we can come up your way this spring, its looking promising. I so wish we were closer geographically...