Monday, February 15, 2010

gained 1/2 lb...

So I snuck in and weighed myself in the middle of the week and I was down a lb. I weighed myself just now for my normal monday morning weigh in and I was up 1/2 lb from that last weigh in. So I lost 1/2 lb this week total but blah... I was really hoping to see 183 or even 183.5... but no 185.

Yes I went out to dinner two days this week. The two of them might have thrown me over the edge - sucks having a bday week and everything you usually do is surrounded by food. I need to change that. I am also on my period - which may have made me alittle swollen.

Regardless I have vowed that next monday I am going to be 180... I want it SOOOO bad. Yes I know its just a number but I want to get passed the 180 mark that has alluded me year and after year after year. If I can get to 180 next monday then I can work on just getting below it the next week. If I can break that horrible number then I think mentally I will be stronger. There has been several times I have gotten to 181, 182, 183 and just stayed there week after week and then eventually quit and gained a ton. SO I am going to do everything within the healthy realm to get to 180 next monday. Here is what I am going to try to see if it makes a difference...

1. WORK OUT atleast 6 days this week starting today - its 5am, Im up even though I would much rather be back in bed but I forced myself to get up and as soon as Im done typing this Im heading to the treadmill. When I saw 185 on the scale it took almost everything to keep me from moping and going back to bed but Im here!

2. Stay within my daily points, no weekly extra points if I can help it. NO eating out. Period. NO alcohol this week.

3. Change how I time my meals regarding carbs/proteins. I remember reading something awhile ago about trying to get your carbs in on the earlier part of the day and not later in the evening. Right now I tend to eat alot of carbs at dinner - my dinners are healthy but I eat alot of potatoe stuff or a fiber one bar or peanut butter on an english muffin ect in the evening. SO Im going to aim for no carbs after 4pm... so dinner will consist of protein and veggies and snacks will be fruit in the evening. Im not cutting my carbs, just seeing if they make a difference on where I eat them.

4. Water, water, water... my water bottle will be going EVERYwhere with me... Ive been doing really well in the water world so this wont be a struggle.

5. NO pre weighing myself in! Period!!!

Yes I know 5 lbs is a stretch and I may not make it but Im going to try... you need a goal right? I know I shouldnt put my goals into numbers and more into how I feel and how my clothes feel, and yes I have been feeling pretty good - BUT I need to get past this number that has been taunting me for so many years, I want to prove to myself that 180 is not going to defeat me. 180 is NOT the weight I am supposed to be.

So I will be doing alot of posting this week - taking everyone on this weeks journey with me... I need all the help and support I can get!

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