Monday, February 15, 2010

Day one of 5lb goal...

The pic on the left is from this summer at 198lbs. The pic on the right is from last night at 185lbs.

Read the last post to get what the 5lb goal is all about :)

So today is day one of reaching that goal. I just finished working out - did week 6 day 2 of the couch potatoe to 5k plan

0-5min walked 3.4 mph
5-15min jogged 5.2mph
15-18 walked 3mph
18-28min jogged 5.2mph
28-34 walked to cool down

So I said I would start keeping a picture journal of my weight loss too - plan to take a pic weekly and hopefully in a few weeks will be able to visually see a difference.
I was about to post that I was about to start making my lunch and dinner to take into work but in the last 5 min plans have changed - Gavin just had massive diarrhia and said his tummy hurt... I do NOT want to stomach bug to hit my house! But I think it might have :( so I just called out from work to take care of my little man and will be washing my hands 5 million times today! I do NOT want the stomach bug!!!

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