Sunday, February 14, 2010

Great night last night :)

I had a much needed and wonderful date night with my husband last night. We went to dinner at a great restaurant with a horrible name.... The Airport Inn. The food was amazing. Initially I went in with the plan to stay super healthy with plain fish and veggies. BUT decided to enjoy myself and try new things instead per the wishes of my hubby so yes I went way over my points but NOPE dont feel guilty about it at all. I will make up for it later. Eric and I shared crab stuffed mushrooms, then I had pistatio crusted rack of lamb... so yummy! And then we even decided to share dessert - peanut butter pie. But I only had like 2 small bites and passed, it was too sweet and not worth the calories.. thats a big step for me!

My abs are KILLING me from my workout yesterday... yes a good pain but OUCH!

Today is back to staying 100% within my points after last night. Tomarrow is weigh in... I just want a loss, dont care how big it is. Next week though - I have a goal. I want to weigh 180 a week from tomarrow. So will that be 4 lbs? 2 lbs? Not sure until tomarrow but regardless of what I need to lose, it will happen. I will make sure the extra workouts and what not pay off! I want that massage :) and eric said he wanted to go with me so even better!

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