Saturday, February 13, 2010

what a workout!

So I did my "official" workout this morning on the treadmill followed by pushups and a variety of ab workouts.

THEN... Gavin and I layered up the clothing and went outside to play. I played like a 3 year old - it was so so so much fun! We have a hill in our back yard and eric made a homemade louge so we would slide down it with our sled then we had to walk back up but you cant walk where the louge is or you would mess it up so we were walking in the untouched snow... the 4 ft of snow... wow that is a workout. THen we had a snowball fight and we chased after the dog for a while. We rolled in the snow and acted like silly people... annoyed I cant find my camera to share some of this with everyone. I came in the house sweating like a big and laughing SO hard.

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