Saturday, February 13, 2010

I feel it but I want to see it...

I have lost slightly over 11 lbs. I feel great, which is a BIG deal but I want to start seeing it too!

I feel happier and have more energy. I can feel the muscles that are building in my legs. I can feel that my abdomen getting alittle tighter. I feel stronger. I have more endurance and breath better with my work outs. I can take the 8 flights of stairs to my car at work without feeling like Im going to die anymore. I now look forward to my workouts now.


I want to SEE the results. I want to go down a size already!!! I want my clothes to fit way better! Come on already -

Yes I know in a few more lbs its bound to happen - I eventually need to go down a size or two or three but sooner would be nice!

On that note Im heading to get my workout/run in on the treadmill. Still cant run outside since there is about 4 ft of snow out there.

I plan to eat pretty conservative today - healthy light breakfast, snacking on lots of raw veggies and an apple, HUGE bowl of my lite veggie soup for lunch since my wonderful husband has reservations for dinner and amazing tickets to the symphony tonight... I dont plan to splurge but want to be able to enjoy myself. Then tomarrow its back to the grind.

I have realized its MUCH easier to stay within my daily points now... before I would have to use my weekly extra points all mixed into my daily points to get through the day. Now 28 points seems like a lot and with planning is very easy. I think I could easily do 25-26. Before I was worried about when I had to decrease my points.

I am alittle worried about when I have lost the weight and figuring out how to maintain. I think a month or so before I get to goal or close to goal, I need to go back to the meetings so I can have some support on the transition.

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