Friday, February 26, 2010


Today I was going through a few of my fav healthy blogs - there are so so so many inspiring women out there blogging. Here are a few that have inspired me this week...

1. - she is such an inspiration. She has been there and came out on the other side while being a mom and a wife.

2. - her weekly pictures make you realize that little changes really add up over time!

3. - wow! And amazing healthy packing food ideas with great pics!

I was reading through some of my favorite blogs and each one inspired for a different reason.

Today I have been
1. Reminded to look back at myself when I was younger. When I was in highschool I thought I was huge - now I look back mad at myself... why didnt I have more self confidence. I should have been happy. The grass always look greener... I need to be happy with the here and now. I am a good person NOW.
2. Take pictures - lots of them. I might hate how I look now but seeing little changes over the weeks will keep me going.

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