Thursday, February 25, 2010

what was up with me yesterday?

So last night I was in a funk - for no particular reason but a funk none the less. I allowed negative self thoughts into my head and for a moment believed them. It sucks how you can be the one to take yourself down...

On a positive note, unlike in the past, my self loathing didnt turn into a pig eating fest.

Today will be a better day - I need to remind myself occationally that I have alot to be proud of...
1. I am a GREAT mom
2. My hubby is very lucky to have me :)
3. Im smart
4. I am accomplished in my career
5. Sometimes I can be funny
6. I have new muscles in places that used to be all flabby
7. I am becoming a runner
8. I have a nice warm home and can pay my bills :)
9. I care about people

I have good characteristics and I need to remember them alittle more often.

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