Tuesday, February 2, 2010

my personal aha moment

So three weeks ago I restarted running.

I didnt want to restart working out. I had NO energy to do it. I had NO time to do it. I just didnt want to do it.

But every other day for the last three weeks I have FORCED myself to get up, move, sweat, run, exercise, ect.

The first 2 weeks I HATED it. I felt out of breath. I felt sore and tired and I still had NO energy to do it and NO time to do it.

Then something changes. When you keep at it. When you do it diligently on a regular routine. When you force yourself past your comfort level, past what you thought you could do... You start to like it. You start to look forward to it. You have more energy throughout the day. You wake up happier. You HAVE to work out or the day just doesnt feel right. You have the enegy to do it and you find time that you didnt think you had to fit it in. You feel proud of yourself.

Unfortinately I have been here before and no how fast and easy this feeling goes away when you stop - within a week or two of not doing it you start to lose the energy it gives.

I know its hard to wrap your head around the vicious cycle - you are tired and need energy to work out but to get energy you have to workout but to work out you need energy - its a HORRIBLE cycle. But you have to blast past that part and it 100% pays off.

Dont make excuses - just do it... you will thank yourself later.

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