Monday, February 1, 2010

stupid scale

So yesterday was weigh in day - I lost 0.5lbs. I thought for sure it would be atleast 2 - but no. So, so far I have lost 8.5lbs since I restarted getting back on track 3 weeks ago. I guess that is pretty good though when you look at it.

This morning I was out of the shower getting ready for work, when work called and asked me to come in late. I could have went back to bed. I could have watched tv. I could have worked out... woohoo I chose work out! I went down and ran on the treadmill for 30 min. Then had to take another shower, but boy was it worth it. I planned to do another 30 min this evening but that didnt happen - I opted to take a bubble bath instead - also totally worth it.

I think my lack of weight loss this week was multifactorial. First I seriously cut back on caffeine which may have temporarily slowed my metabolism. Second, I had a few days of weakness, while yes I did stay within my weekly points - I definately ate a few things I didnt need to... things that I gave in to emotions not hunger.

This week will be a bit better - I am NOT weighing myself until next monday. I weighed myself at the end of a day in the middle of the week after having a ton of salty stuff - not pretty, and definately doesnt help the mind! I plan to work out 5 days this week. Two done, three to go!

I am also looking for a running partner - someone to push me farther then I will push myself. Someone to keep me motivated... still looking!

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