Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Need new shoes...

I put new running shoes on the agenda for a reward in 5 more pounds (175!) - I think I may be pushing that up as an early present to myself. I think I have my first running type injury. The inside left portion of my right calf where the muscle reaches the bone is sore. Not horrible sore but sore enough for me to notice it with every step and keeping me from running today. I ran through it yesterday but I think that was not the best idea - funny that yesterday was one of my best runs!

So I did some research on it - while if it hurt more it could be a stress fracture of my tibia - dont think thats it. I read something about how runners (woohoo I just put myself in the same catagory as runners), anyways as runners run they use their calf muscles a ton but not the muscles opposite of that and it can cause an imbalance and put stress on the area where I have pain. It also said that flat feet can contribute... wonder if I have flat feet? SO their suggestions - rest, ice after running, and new shoes with arch support.

I have never had a good pair of running shoes - I think Im going to head to Charm City Run in Bel air and get my stride looked at and a new pair of shoes... If Im going to run then I need to treat my body well.

I am not running today - I really want to but dont want to hurt myself. I have swim class tonight so that may be better on the leg.

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