Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Boring title but I wanted to write and there isnt a specific topic...

I got on the scale today... WHY DO I DO THAT?!? I am freaking addicted to it! It was down 0.5lbs since yesterday but seriously - why cant I just be surprised come each monday? huh? huh? huh?

I treated myself to slightly expensive new running shoes with some major arch support - wow what a difference they made! My step felt instantly better! I felt like an athlete going to a running store and getting real help and buying real running shoes... woohoo Im a runner!

I am dying to try them out but have decided to let my sore muscle recover alittle. That doesnt mean Im doing nothing though! I am going to my swim class tonight and hitting the elliptical tomarrow. Then thursday I will try out the new shoes on the treadmill!

Im proud of me that Im going to the swim class tonight - I could have easily bailed on it. My swim class partner is not feeling well and wont be joining me, her hubby was supposed to watch G this week since E is working. So I got my mom to watch G and Im heading to the class alone on a wet cold evening. But Im happy Im going! Expecially since Im not running tonight.

I hope this healthy vibe continues - I LOVE the way it makes me feel. I love how my body feels, how my energy is elevated, how Im smiling and 5 million times nicer.

My other gift to myself - Im heading for a nap. :)

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  1. What shoes did you get? did you go to CC? I got mine there and while they are ug-o, I think they help with my feet issues... happy running!